Meredith R. Bond

A stylish event begins long before the guests arrive. It begins with masterful planning.

I created Seven14 Events with the hopes of formulating my dream experience. I started Seven14 Events in 2009 after completing an Event and Meeting Management program at Northeastern University College of Professional Studies in Boston, MA. Prior I had done an internship with StyleFixx Girls Night Out Events. I really wanted to produce one of a kind unique events. I feel that the diversity of my events yields to the diversity of my clients. This definitely allows me to develop my creative mind. Each client always brings something different to the table which makes event planning so transformative

I feel like I got the itch for that  feeling of self accomplishment when I was young. I grew up around lavish events. Its no wonder that I now live for the events that starts before the sunrises and ends way past midnight

Meredith R. Bond
Founder & Creative Director

East Coast |  West Coast

Tel: 774-287-5609

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